We are a team of five stewards from the UK looking after the British pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2010; rechristened Villa Frankenstein. Each month a new team take on the challenge of stewarding the space.

We will be documenting our own observations and experiences; what we bring to the pavilion and what we take away. This in turn encourages an on-going legacy project to platform behind the scenes of the exhibition, from the point of us, the stewards. It also shows the different approaches which the different groups may use.

Within the walls of the pavilion is a multilayered exhibition which deals with the theme of observation. Throughout the space the notion of 'close looking' has been interpreted differently by the collaboration between the British Council, muf architecture, artists, scientists and visitors. Relationships were formed in the development stages of the exhibition, as well as the physical construction and installation. This developed a form of 'two way traffic' in the exchanging of ideas and expertise between Venice and the UK,thereby responding to this year's Venice Biennale brief; 'People Meet In Architecture'. More information can be found on the pavilion's website by clicking here.

The opinions featured on this blog are that of the stewards working at the pavilion and are not a representation of the British Council or muf Architecture. Any queries please email britishpavilion@gmail.com