Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Queen Victoria- Like a Cabbage at Teatime



Last week the Queen Victoria from Southampton, England moored five minutes away from the Giardini.

The issue of cruise ships in Venice in a controversial one. Many people are concerned about the effects of undertow on canals, air pollution and noise pollution. Since 2000 many studies have been commissioned to explore the environmental effects. They show that dues to their size and shape the ships actually cause less damage than the vaporetti and lighters, and that undertow has the same effect as a tide. Pollution was minimised and mooring locations restricted, but ultimately little changed and ships continue to travel into Venice.

However, for many locals and tourist alike the objection would still remain because 'of the aesthetic damage they do: these vast structures with up to 16 decks, more like a mega-hotels than sea going craft, sail into the exquisite detail of the city, oblitertaing views and making even Sta Maria della Salute look puny.'

The Italians have an expression for this awkwardness, such as the out of place ships- 'like a cabbage at teatime'

Quote the Venice Report, Cambridge University Press and Jane Da Mosto

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