Wednesday, 3 November 2010







A "MELIA" talk held in 'The Stadium of Close Looking'

The "MELIA" is a project to evaluate the methods for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Mediterranean countries,  to harmonize water policies in the Mediterranean basin. The programme is scheduled from 2006-2011, with 45 partners from 18 countries:

The MELIA Community of Practice aims at structuring and improving dialogue among stakeholders concerned and affected by water use and management.

The Capacity Building Training Seminar (CBTS), partly hosted by the British Pavilion, is an opportunity for partners to share this knowledge among themselves and also with others working in the field of water management including scientists, policy-makers, water managers, operators, PhD students and stakeholder representatives, including water-user associations and NGOs, essentially anyone working in the water sector in the Mediterranean.

the speakers, the students, a local fisherman reading a poem in the Venetian dialect, Jane Da Mosto from Venice in Peril, closing acknowledgements 

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